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Shanghai hospitals more famed for mooncakes
By:Wu Qiong   |  From:english.eastday.com  |  2021-11-30 13:32

The medical circle in Shanghai once again went viral because of the hospitals’ mooncakes as the Mid-Autumn Festival is approaching. Citizens have been joking that the hospitals are not only serious in seeing patients but also in producing mooncakes.

Shanghai people’s love for savory pork mooncakes is well known. Starting from September 6, Ruijin Hospital has been giving customized mooncakes to its staff. The character “Rui” is the hospital’s new official font written by 97-year-old Dr. Wang Zhenyi, a well-known hematology specialist.

On the same day, Renji Hospital also launched its cheese mooncakes which come in four flavors: cappuccino, mango pomelo sago, matcha, white peach &oolong. Made by time-honored brand Shen Da Cheng, the mooncakes feature the emblem of the hospital and the number 1844 (the year when Renji Hospital was founded).

What are surprisingly nice-looking are Huashan Hospital’s mooncakes. Featuring cartoon figures of doctors and medical elements like syringes and masks, the handmade cakes are mouth-watering. What’s more, there are health tips alerting people to get vaccinated and protect themselves from the coronavirus.

Apart from the above hospitals, the Shanghai Mental Health Center last week caused a sensation due to its mooncakes. With plenty of flavors and low prices, the pastries, which are only available for its staff, have been a hit online.